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How Do I Get Started With Creating An Estate Plan?

Getting started with creating an estate plan is easy, it all starts with a free estate planning consultation. By working with an estate planning and trust attorney in Roseville, you can create a comprehensive estate plan that will give you and your family peace of mind to sleep easier at night.

Roseville attorney Richard McGinnis offers free estate planning consultations and can help you take inventory of your assets, determine guardianship plans for any minor children, help you decide who will make end of life healthcare decisions, set up an advanced healthcare directive, choices regarding your financial well being and more. An estate plan developed by a qualified attorney in Roseville also includes determinations about what will happen in the event of your unconsciousness, incapacity or disability, which often happens in emergency situations.

How much do I need to own and what is included in an estate plan?

The minimum required to create an estate plan is assets with a gross value of more than $150,000. Less than this will not have to be probated. If you own your home, or, your gross estate is larger than $150,000, a living trust prepared by a qualified living trust attorney can provide you with substantial benefits.

When you work with estate planning attorney Richard W. McGinnis, you will work together to create a living trust and it will include:

  1. Revocable Living Trust

  2. Pour-Over Wills

  3. Durable Powers of Attorney for Property Management

  4. Advanced Health Care Directives

  5. Authorization to Access Medical Records

  6. Assignment of Personal Property

  7. Abstract of Trust

  8. General Assignment Preparation

  9. Notarization of Deeds and Transfer Documents

Get A Free Estate Planning Consultation Without Living in Roseville

Even though the Law Offices of Richard McGinnis are located in Roseville, California and you will need to sign the final paperwork with wet signatures in person, you can perform the initial free estate planning consultation virtually. Roseville attorney Richard McGinnis is licensed with the State Bar of California and can create estate plans for residents all over the state of California. He is so trusted as an expert estate planning attorney, that he is recommended by banks such as Bank of American and Safe Credit Union.

If you live anywhere in the state of California, estate planning attorney Richard McGinnis can conduct zoom calls and speak with you by phone. You can thereafter conduct the initial steps of creating an estate plan including a will, trust, advanced healthcare directive, power of attorney and guardianship plan by answering questions by phone and email correspondence.

So you no longer have a reason to put off creating an estate plan, and you can rest easy and feel relief by crossing it off your idealistic to-do lit. It all starts with a free estate planning consultation.

Contact trust attorney Richard McGinnis today for a will, trust and complete estate plan at (916) 784-6377.

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