Estate Plan Check-Up

Please take a few minutes to answer the 15 questions below.  Ensure your estate plan is
up-to-date, that it avoids probate and conservatorship traps and meets your current planning goals.


1. Yes      No      Has a person named as your Advanced Healthcare Directive agent or healthcare power of attorney or back-up agent:

                              a) Relocated

                              b) Become Deceased

                              c) Become disabled

                              d) Become incapacitated

                              e) Fallen out of favor with you

2.  Yes     No       Have you misplaced any of your estate planning documents?


3.  Yes     No       Have you written any changes on any of your estate planning documents?


4.  Yes     No       Has your marital status changed after signing your estate plan?


5.  Yes     No       Are any of your current assets not transferred to your trust?


6.  Yes     No       Have you inherited, purchased or refinanced real estate after signing your estate plan? (It is important to verify whether your new real estate should be titled to your trust).


7.  Yes     No       Has a person named in your estate plan (either a back-up team member or beneficiary):                                         

                             a) Relocated

                             b) Deceased

                             c) Become disabled

                             d) Become incapacitated

                             e) Fallen out of favor with you

8.  Yes     No       Would you like to update your existing back-up team order now?


9.  Yes     No       Would you like to change how you provide for your trust beneficiaries now?


10.  Yes     No       Have you added a person to a bank account so they could assist you in case of emergency?


11.  Yes   No       Would you be interested in exploring an option to activate a “dormant” back-up team
member your “co-pilot” so they may assist you now.


12.  Yes   No       Did you sign your most recent health care power of attorney before 2004?


13.  Yes   No       Have you designated your trust as beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement account?(Recent law changes can create complications when these accounts designate your trust as beneficiary and options are available to avoid the problem).                              


14.  Yes   No       Do you wish to update a life insurance or annuity beneficiary?


15.  Yes   No       For spouses: Are you uncertain whether your current trust is a simple, "all to spouse”  trust or a more complex, "A-B-C" trust? (it is vital to ensure your current trust  format is still appropriate to meet your current goals in light the recent estate tax law changes).

If Any Yes Responses....A Follow Up Consultation is Recommended.

Any Yes Responses?

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A Follow Up Consultation is Recommended