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Trust Mills

Some things are no-brainers. If you were having a major surgery performed, would you want a surgeon or a plumber to operate on you? You should have the same mentality while planning for your future and protecting your legacy. Legal documents prepared by DIY trust mills like Legal Zoom, Suze Orman kits and non-estate planning attorneys and living trust attorneys can have devastating consequences if done incorrectly.


The following issues can arise when documents are prepared inadequately:


1. You never get to meet with or speak to the person who wrote the documents. Your documents are delivered by a "trust specialist" who is not an estate planning attorney and cannot really explain how the documents actually work.

2. Fees, including notary fees and recording fees, are not included in the fee quote for a "complete package".

3. You, or your family, end up in court and need a probate lawyer because the trust was not actually funded or the estate planning documents did not work the way you intended.

4. The person who delivers the documents really wants to talk about your finances so they can suggest "investment opportunities".


Legal documents should be prepared by licensed living trust attorneys who are experts in their field. Bargain basement documents often become very expensive to administer because the drafter adopted a "one size fits all" approach to your estate planning documents that does not work for you.


If you believe planning ahead is important to the well-being of your family, call today for a free estate planning consultation & document review by trust and will attorney Richard W. McGinnis in Roseville, CA.

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