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Easily Create A Will and Trust in Roseville

Updated: May 11, 2020

Many people put off looking for a Roseville trust attorney because they think the process is difficult or that they have more time. While the creation of a will and trust can be intimidating, Roseville estate planning attorney Richard McGinnis makes the process simple and easy. You know what your desires and wants are, and what you may want to pass on to loved ones, but you may not know all the legalese of a will and trust or how to put it together. That's where we come in, as your trust attorney in Roseville , its our job to ask the right questions about your life and desires and create a plan that will allow you to sleep peacefully at night.

There's nothing more comforting than knowing when you step in your car, get on a plane, or go in for surgery, that everything is in order. It all starts with a free Roseville estate planning consultation. There you'll get the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones have a clear & concise document expertly prepared by a knowledgeable and professional Roseville trust attorney. You want to leave a legacy that clearly outlines your wishes in perfect legal order from a Roseville estate planning attorney who has been trusted for over 35 years. Help your family avoid infighting, confusion and probate, by a trust attorney in Roseville recommended by Safe Credit Union, Sierra College, Sacramento City College and who is a named expert in the Sacramento Bee. Beware of DIY Will and Trust Mills & Opt For Professional Roseville Estate Planning

Don't be tempted by popular fill in the blank do-it-yourself solutions for Roseville estate planning like Legal Zoom, the Suze Orman Kit, Nolo & software like the Quicken Willmaker. Although they seem to be a quick fix for a will and trust in Roseville , we've seen the aftermath of cookie cutter trust mills and the havoc they can wreak by not fully taking into account your unique situation.

One of the biggest problems with creating a will and trust in Roseville with a non trust attorney, is that you're left on your own to fund it. We see so many families who end up in court because their Roseville estate planning documents did not work the way they had intended. You wouldn't represent yourself in court when your life is on the line. So why try to represent yourself on paper without using a qualified professional Roseville trust attorney?

One Client's Experience Using A Trust Mill Vs. A Professional Trust Attorney in Roseville

“Mr. McGinnis helped my husband and I with our Living Trust, as well as other legal documents. We had purchased the Suze Orman program on-line and although it was informative, we didn't feel comfortable doing it ourselves. I felt we needed an expert. I don't go to my attorney when I need a physician, so I wasn't going to go to a money mogul for legal advice. Plus, I had numerous questions that an on-line program just could not answer. Well worth the money for the advice alone. I feel so much more at ease now if something should happen to either myself or my husband. It is such a relief knowing our children will not be burdened with any of this and to know OUR wishes will be followed. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family! He was very personable which I appreciated. I felt listened to and heard.” - KellyAnn A - Sacramento, CA Call for a free estate planning consultation today with professional trust attorney in Roseville Richard W. McGinnis at (916) 784-6377.

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